It's so great to be in a large group of people where I don't know anyone and to be able to just walk up to someone with a military cap on or shirt on and connect with them.  I retired from the United States Air Force.  It's such a great feeling to be able connect with other veterans.  I was at a political gathering two weeks ago and noticed a guy in the group who had an Army t-shirt on which had a military unit and insignia on it, an Air Force guy with an Air Force cap on, and a Navy guy with a cap on that had Naval ship information on it.  Eventually, I wandered over and introduced myself to each of them, separately.  All three were older guys.  I asked what unit they served in, how long they had been out of the military, and how long and where they had served.  We connected and shared stories and had a great experience.  I am so proud of my military service.  It's so nice to be a member of such a large fraternity of military brothers and sisters who are mostly always willing to connect and share life stories.  It's a great to be a veteran!