This morning, I was reminded of the diverse lifestyles and culture on the eastern shore.  I went on a listing appointment in an area west of Dover, Delaware.  The area is heavily settled by the Amish.  I passed by an enclosed, black, Amish carriage along the way.  I went whizzing by in my car and heard the klomp, klomp, of the horse's hooves on the roadway.  I waved at the driver and I think he waved back.  I noticed many Amish farm houses in the area.  Their farm houses stand out because there are no electric lines running to them, there are no "vehicles" in their yards, and generally there "are" clothes on their clotheslines, even in the Winter months.  As I write this and reflect on this morning, I ponder just how different their plain, simple, lifestyles are in comparison to mine.  It's interesting how we can live so close to others and yet have lifestyles and cultures which are worlds apart. It's a part of what makes our country so great.  God bless America.