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Chicken Farms - Hot Properties in Delaware and Maryland

by Mickey Hayward

Poultry Farms, and land to build chicken houses on, are hot properties on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and in Southern Delaware right now.  Local poultry (chicken) companies are paying a $1.50 per square foot incentive to help with construction costs to build chicken houses.  If a farmer builds a 60 x 600 chicken house (36,000 square feet) the company will pay $54,000 to help build that chicken house.  I sell farms and land in Delaware, Maryland and Virginia. If you would like more information about this program contact me.

Caroline County, Maryland, First Quarter 2011 Home Sale Stats

by Mickey Hayward

Home sales in Caroline County are up by 38 % over the first quarter in 2010.  Though this sounds like a huge increase in home sales it's really not.  First quarter home sales in 2010 were only 39 compared with 54 this year. Of the homes sold in the first quarter this year, approx. 41 % were foreclosures and almost 19 % were short sales.  So, almost 60% of homes sold here were short sales or foreclosures.  Scary!

The "Buyers' Market" continues.  There are 362 homes on the market now in Caroline County.  At a consumption rate of just 18 homes per month (54/3) it would take an estimated 20 months for all homes in Caroline County to sell, even if no more homes come on the market.

Maryland Non-Resident Transfer Tax Increase

by Mickey Hayward

Maryland increased the Non-Resident withholding tax, effective January 1, 2008, from 6% to 6.75 % for individuals and from 7 % to 8.25 % for corporations.  If you own real property in Maryland but you are not a Maryland resident you are subject to this tax.  There are some ways around it but they are few and far between.  I sold a $2,000,000 farm a while back when the tax was 6 % and the seller almost had a heart attack when he saw the withholding amount.  Maryland increased just about every tax one can think of in the past year.  Is Maryland becoming a business "unfriendly" state?  Time and the tax man will show us ! 

Displaying blog entries 1-3 of 3

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