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Chicken Farms - Hot Properties in Delaware and Maryland

by Mickey Hayward

Poultry Farms, and land to build chicken houses on, are hot properties on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and in Southern Delaware right now.  Local poultry (chicken) companies are paying a $1.50 per square foot incentive to help with construction costs to build chicken houses.  If a farmer builds a 60 x 600 chicken house (36,000 square feet) the company will pay $54,000 to help build that chicken house.  I sell farms and land in Delaware, Maryland and Virginia. If you would like more information about this program contact me.

Caroline County's annual Summerfest starts tomorrow, August 15th, at 5 PM in Denton, Maryland.  Activities run from 5 PM to 10 PM and again on Saturday, August 16th, from 12 PM to 9 PM. 

Come on out and have a good time . . . lots of food, vendors, fun activities and games for kids, and entertainment for all.

Free parking and shuttle bus transportation will be available at the Health and Public Services Building on 6th Street, across from the Fire Department, on both days.

For a schedule of events and times visit


Caroline County Fair Starts Tomorrow - Wendesday, August 6th!

by Mickey Hayward

The Caroline County Fair starts Wednesday, Aug. 6, 2014 and runs through Saturday, August 9th.  The fair is actually a joint Caroline County and Dorchester County venture.  It's held at the Caroline county 4-H Park on the south side of Detour Road, which is located off of Harmony Road (Route 16).  If you take Rt. 404 East through Denton, and continue east for a couple of miles, Harmony Road will be on your right and then Detour Road is only a couple of miles down on your left.  The 4-H Park will be visible in the distance, on your right, as you turn on to Detour Road.

The fair begins at 4 PM on Wednesday. There will be agricultural stuff, livestock, food and other displays by the local 4-H Troop.  Go out there and have some fun!!!


Caroline County's annual Summerfest starts tomorrow, August 16th, at 5 PM in Denton, Maryland.  Activities run from 5 PM to 10 PM and again on Saturday, August 17th, from 12 PM to 9 PM.  Rain date is Sunday, August 18th. 

Come on out and have a good time . . . lots of food, vendors, fun activities and games for kids, and entertainment for all. 

For a schedule of events and times visit

Third Annual Dove Hunt and Trap Shoot - Chester River Shrine Club

by Mickey Hayward

On Saturday, September 7, 2013, the Chester River Shrine Club is hosting a Dove Hunt and Trap Shoot.  Proceeds benefit the Shrine Club which, in turn, does a lot to support the Shriner's Hospitals for Children.  Since proceeds go to the Shrine Club this is not a tax deductible event.  It will be fun though.  You can sign up separately for either the Trap Shoot (10 AM) or the Dove Hunt (1 PM) or both events.  The hunt will be provided by "Hignutt Farms," and will take place at 27360 Whiteleysburg Road, Greensboro, MD 21639.  Hunters will need a Maryland hunting license and should bring their own guns and shells.  Lunch and dinner will be served. 

For more information, and to find out to register or to sponsor the event, contact Brian Smith (410) 924-0386 or Greg Eigenbrode (410) 829-9243.


Mickey Hayward, CRB, CRS, MD & DE Farms Homes and Land Sales
Sunset Properties, 110 Market Street,
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Horse Challenge Course, Food and Fun

by Mickey Hayward

It's that time again for the CASA Horse Challenge. The event will be held at the Caroline County 4-H Park on May 12th, 2011, starting at 9 AM. There's food and fun for everyone. If you can't come, maybe you can make a donation or sponsor an event. Thank you.  For more information, call Debbie Oxnard at the Caroline County CASA office, (410) 479-8301 or email .

Denton, Caroline County, Maryland, Spring Gala

by Mickey Hayward

Mark your calendars for Saturday, May 7th, from 5:30 to 9:30 PM, for Denton's annual Spring Gala. Festivities include Live Music, local artist demonstrations, and more.  Call (410) 479-4305 to get additional information and to order tickets.

Caroline County, Maryland, First Quarter 2011 Home Sale Stats

by Mickey Hayward

Home sales in Caroline County are up by 38 % over the first quarter in 2010.  Though this sounds like a huge increase in home sales it's really not.  First quarter home sales in 2010 were only 39 compared with 54 this year. Of the homes sold in the first quarter this year, approx. 41 % were foreclosures and almost 19 % were short sales.  So, almost 60% of homes sold here were short sales or foreclosures.  Scary!

The "Buyers' Market" continues.  There are 362 homes on the market now in Caroline County.  At a consumption rate of just 18 homes per month (54/3) it would take an estimated 20 months for all homes in Caroline County to sell, even if no more homes come on the market.

Denton, Caroline County, Maryland, Events

by Mickey Hayward

August 18th - Twilight Tunes at the Caroline County Courthouse Green, in Denton, MD, starting at 5:30 PM, right across the street from my Sunset Properties Real Estate Office, which is at 110 Market Street, Denton, MD, 21629

August 20th and 21st - Caroline Summerfest, Friday 5 to 10 PM and Saturday 2 to 10 PM. Fun, food, booths, musicians, entertainers, and fireworks. This is a free, annual, event.  Much of Market Street is closed to vehicle traffic. Come out and have fun!  

If you are from out of town, call me for directions or just plug my office address into your GPS and you will find these events nearby.

Eastern Shore MD Home Sales

by Mickey Hayward

Based on numbers of sales for a given area we can determine "absorption rate."  Absorption rate is an estimate of how long it will take for all of the homes currently on the market (in a given area) to sell if no other homes come on the market.  Of course more homes are listed daily in most markets so the absorption rate is fluid - changes all the time.  But, looking at an absoprtion rate, will give you a rough idea of how long a home can potentially stay on the market before selling.  That's why it's imperative to price homes properly to make them one of the first homes picked by buyers who are active in the market now.

To get the absorption rate, for the following counties, take the number of homes sold since 1/1/09 and divide that number by the number of days so far this year (103 days as of 4/13/09).  This will give you an average number of homes sold daily.  Divide that number into the total homes on the market in each county and you will get the "absorption rate" for each county based on current sales for 2009. 

The absorption rates for the counties below are over two years (yes at the rate at which homes are selling now it will take over two years for all the homes on the market to be sold in those counties).  When the absorption rate is high we are in a period known as a Buyer's Market (lots of homes to choose from and no time constraint pressures to buy them).  We are definitely experiencing a Buyer's Market right now.

Absorption rates can be pretty sobering if you are home seller.  Call me or email me and I will explain.

These stats are for Homes in Caroline, Kent, and Queen Anne's County, in MD.

Caroline County, MD - Active (A) Home Listings in all price ranges:  374

Caroline County, MD - Under Contract (UC) Home Listings in all price ranges: 41

Caroline County, MD - SOLD (S) Homes 1/1/09 to Present:  49   

Kent County, MD - A Home Listings in all price ranges:  346

Kent County, MD - UC Home Listings in all price ranges: 28

Kent County, MDS Homes 1/1/09 to Present:  22

Queen Anne's County, MD - A Home Listings in all price ranges:  > 500 *

Queen Anne's County, MD - UC Home Listings in all price ranges: 64

Queen Anne's County, MD S Homes 1/1/09 to Present:  63


* Results taken from MRIS multi-list.  Search only goes to 500. This figure is greater than 500.

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