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by Mickey Hayward

For some good food and some good fun, visit the 70th Annual National Hard Crab Derby Day in Crisfield, Maryland. The event started last night and runs through Sunday, September 3rd. 

Events include:  crab cooking, crab picking, crab racing, waterman's boat docking and much more.  

Here's a link to the official website which gives all the details:  

Chicken Farms - Hot Properties in Delaware and Maryland

by Mickey Hayward

Poultry Farms, and land to build chicken houses on, are hot properties on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and in Southern Delaware right now.  Local poultry (chicken) companies are paying a $1.50 per square foot incentive to help with construction costs to build chicken houses.  If a farmer builds a 60 x 600 chicken house (36,000 square feet) the company will pay $54,000 to help build that chicken house.  I sell farms and land in Delaware, Maryland and Virginia. If you would like more information about this program contact me.

Caroline County, Maryland, Summerfest

by Mickey Hayward

It's time again for Caroline County's annual Summerfest. It's held on Market Street in downtown Denton, Maryland. This year, it starts on Friday, August 19 (5 PM to 10 PM) and runs through Saturday, August 20 (12 PM to 9 PM). The rain date for Saturday's activities will be Sunday, August 21st. For a list of events and times go to

A Reflection on the Culture and Lifestyles on the Eastern Shore

by Mickey Hayward

This morning, I was reminded of the diverse lifestyles and culture on the eastern shore.  I went on a listing appointment in an area west of Dover, Delaware.  The area is heavily settled by the Amish.  I passed by an enclosed, black, Amish carriage along the way.  I went whizzing by in my car and heard the klomp, klomp, of the horse's hooves on the roadway.  I waved at the driver and I think he waved back.  I noticed many Amish farm houses in the area.  Their farm houses stand out because there are no electric lines running to them, there are no "vehicles" in their yards, and generally there "are" clothes on their clotheslines, even in the Winter months.  As I write this and reflect on this morning, I ponder just how different their plain, simple, lifestyles are in comparison to mine.  It's interesting how we can live so close to others and yet have lifestyles and cultures which are worlds apart. It's a part of what makes our country so great.  God bless America.   

Who removes the meat from the Chesapeake Bay Blue Crabs?

by Mickey Hayward

Anyone who has ever eaten a steamed Blue Crab knows how difficult and tedious it can be to get the meat out of the crab's hard shell.  But, oh is it worth it once you do!  What a tasty treat.  But what about the cans of already picked crab meat and that used in restaurant dishes (crab cakes, crab imperial, crab soup, etc.)?  As difficult as it is to remove the meat, who does it on such a big scale?

I know someone whose mother removes crab meat out of Blue Crabs ("picks crabs") for a living.  This woman has been picking crab meat since she was a little girl.  She held her own mother's hand, as a little girl, when her mother walked to the local crabhouse to pick crabs.  Her mother did it until she was in her late 70's.  It's a hard life.  She wakes up at 3 AM, has a slice of toast and a cup of coffee, and waits for a van to pick her up and take her to the local crabhouse where she works until about 10 AM.  There, she picks the meat from hundreds of crabs and puts it into various cans (jumbo lump, backfin, or claw meat). This woman is probably the fastest picker in the crabhouse. She can pick over 30 pounds of meat per day. She also produces some of the finest and cleanest meat (hardly any shells or crab by-products) of the 15 or so women who work alongside her in the picking house. This woman is now 76 years old. This is the only occupation that she has ever had and the only job that she has ever wanted to do. It's a tough life though, standing on a usually wet, concrete, floor in a damp and very warm or very cool and drafty atmosphere day-in and day-out, hands and crab meat flying. The pay? $2.50 per pound. After a long season, ending in late November, she and her coworkers look forward to the winter respite and their seasonal unemployment checks.  Just a couple of weeks to go. 

Who is this lady who picks the meat from the crabs? I am proud to say that this lady is my mother. She has been working for Tideland Seafood, in Wingate, Maryland, for about five years now.  Before that, she worked for 42 years for a local crab company that just closed the doors one day and the owners didn't even call her or others who had worked there for so many years to even let them know that they had closed.  No gold watch, no pension, and not even a"Thank You." Ah, yes, it's a tough life. Living on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and working in the local economy that depends on the Bay is tough. I held my mother's hand, as a little boy, and went to the crab house with her. I will never forget that.

If you ever get a chance, visit one of the local crab houses and see just how fast someone can pick a crab. It will probably surprise you.  Go in the Summer time and, while you're there, buy a couple of pounds of freshly picked meat.  You won't be disappointed!

So now you know who removes the meat from the crabs. It's the hard working people like my mother who do it and who are very proud of doing that for a liviing . . .  and I'm so proud of my hard-working mother and of my eastern shore upbringing and heritage. 

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